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Dispute Resolution

Mediate Works specialises in intricate, commercial, labour and family disputes. We provide advice and professional dispute resolution services to government entities, private corporations, unions, academic institutions, NGO’s and private individuals.

Our multi-disciplinary and innovative dispute resolution team ensures that clients receive a professional, efficient and quality service. Our team’s broad expertise in, mediation, conciliation, arbitration, negotiation, training and other means of pre-empting and settling disputes allows us to provide our clients with an all-encompassing service provider. Our teams have the flexibility to adjust and tailor processes to suit client’s needs.


Our dispute resolution service offerings can be subdivided in to three main areas of expertise, namely, commercial dispute resolution, labour dispute resolution and family dispute resolution.


Disciplinary Hearings

A majority of the associates affiliated with Mediate Works are or have been commissioners at the CCMA since its inception in the mid nineties. Our associates are able to draw on this experience to ensure that all disciplinary hearings chaired are substantively and procedurally fair. This minimises the rick for clients at the CCMA. All rulings drafted by our associates are quality checked before being sent to our clients.




A number of our associates are internationally accredited mediators and facilitators who have facilitated wage negotiations and other disputes for large and small organisations in South Africa. This experience helps parties to reach practical agreements quickly and minimises the operational losses that occur when disputes reach a deadlock. Our rates are flexible ensuring that the costs remain in control 

Workplace Investigations



Workplace investigations are meant to assist clients in identifying issues before taking action. Our associates are able to travel country wide to analyse and assess workplace disputes, and then provide detailed reports to assist organisations to take the appropriate steps to resolve conflict. We also utilise online conference facilities in order to minimise the cost of conducting an investigation. 




A 'Relationship by Objective' process otherwise known as an RBO is a process is premised on a basic principle of problem-solving. Solutions  that are jointly identified by the employer and the union tend to be better conceived and implemented when there is an initial agreement on the nature of the issues. The process is normally conducted over three days but can be conducted over two days.


Mediation is a facilitated process whereby a neutral third party helps disputants come to a negotiated agreement. The process gives parties control over their dispute and can limit the costs and aggravation that normally ensues in litigation. We offer commercial, labour and divorce meditation services. All of our associates  accredited mediators. Our rates are flexible and competitive. 

Family Disputes



We offer family dispute resolution  such divorce mediation, family mediation, pre-marital counselling, and marriage counselling. 


Personal disputes, whether it be family related, divorce, separation or mental health can have a severe impact on work performance and morale. We have partnered with experiences psychologists and therapists.