Combatting Sexual Harassment in the Workplace Seminar

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Special Thanks to our Speaker, Ms Karmini Pillay. A senior lecturer at the School of Law, University of Witwatersrand; and a trainer in the Labour Dispute Resolution Programme for the CCMA at the Mandela Institute. She joined the School of Law in 2004 and holds a Masters in Law degree specialising in Labour Law, particularly in Employment Equity Law. Karmini is also an associate of Mediate Works.


"Sexual harassment is the most heinous misconduct that plagues a workplace; not only is it demeaning to the victim, it undermines the dignity, integrity and self-worth of the employee harassed… Sexual harassment goes to the root of one’s being" (Motsamai v Everite Building Products (Pty) Ltd [2011]2 BLLR 144 (LAC) at para 20)


We Asked our Attendees what they took away from the session and this is what they said

That changing the culture of a workplace is a work in progress.

[Understanding the] perspective of the victims

There is a culture of sexual harassment in every workspace and we need to address and deal with it.

It was very insightful and well-presented

This was a refresher for me. Very good presentation. Sexual Harassment is very complex, sensible and confidential requiring high-level skills.

Reviewing our organisational policy to ensure it complies to the code and also training the organisation on the policy so that all employees are empowered

Do employers fully understand their statutory duties in the handling of sexual harassment complaints?

Your lecturer [was] well informed and even though this can be a course on its own, she managed to capture the most important information is a very short time period.

I was placed in a position to have a better understanding of what is really needed.

Professional and looking forward to the next seminar.

Mediate Works offers workshops, training and short, high-impact sessions on sexual harassment and other legal aspects of workplace conduct and various kinds of discrimination.

Our Product List includes independent and anonymous surveys, policy and practice drafting and implementation as well as guidelines and a toolkit on combating sexual harassment in the workplace.

We offer independent legal experts, academics, counsellors and skilled CCMA panelists.


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