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What are the different types of facilitation?

According to Schwarz, facilitation can be characterised as basic or developmental:

“A basic facilitator fulfills her responsibility to the group by designing an effective process for the group to accomplish its work, acting consistently with the core values, identifying for the group when members have acted inconsistently (or consistently) with principles of effective group behaviour and letting the group make free and informed choices on the basis of the facilitator's interventions. In addition, a developmental facilitator helps group members learn how to identify when they have acted inconsistently with principles of effective group behaviour, how to explore the conditions that create the ineffective behaviour and how to change these conditions to generate more effective behaviour.”

Schwarz, R. 2002. The Skilled Facilitator. A Comprehensive Resource for Consultants, Facilitators, Managers, Trainers, and Coaches, revised version. Jossey-Bass: San Francisco, CA.

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