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Company structures that are archaic and fail to deliver results regardless of how many resources are thrown at them? Perhaps sometimes the question is not the quantity but the quality. Businesses and business strategies evolve and the structures supporting it should also evolve along with it.

TOTAL reward development

Total Reward Development, or Compensation and Benefit Management as it is also known as, is the development of a Total Cost of Employment proposal which forms part of an effective Employee Value Proposition. The process may include Job Grading and Analysis, Market Research and Comparison, Salary Structure Development and Implementation as well as Benefit Comparison and Design



The success of any company is dependent on the quality of people it employs and retains. No matter how few or how many employees, a solid HR Strategy and Employee Value Proposition is vital for the attraction, management and retention of quality employees. It is not uncommon or unhealthy for companies to re-evaluate  their organisation structures and in fact, it should be seen as an important part of HR strategy.   



Whenever an organisation is planning to go through a change, no matter whether positive or negative, there will be a staff impact which may result in an impact to the productivity or internal equilibrium of the organisation. Having an effective change and communication plan in place is guaranteed to support employees and the organisation as a whole and keep disruption to a minimum.