From disciplinary hearings to wage negotiations, we have the right online dispute resolution specialist for you.



Our team will assist you in selecting the right process or training program.


We will send you a confirmation form that sets out the process details and estimated fee.


Our team will talk you through the process of setting up your laptop or computer for a video conference .


Our associate will chair the process online through google meets or classroom and provide guidance where necessary.


Once the process is completed, our team will quality check the outcome report and send it to you via email.


A laptop, personal computer or smartphone with a webcam.

An internet connection with a minimum upload and download speed of 5mb/ps per user.

We use Google Hangouts, Meets & Classroom but are able to adapt if you use another platform


What is a confirmation form?

A confirmation form is a contract which sets out the details, terms and conditions of the process managed by Mediate Works. Click here to view a sample of a confirmation form.

What is a notice to a disciplinary hearing?

A notice to a disciplinary hearing is document that sets out the charges against the employee. It also sets out the details of where when and how the hearing will take place. The notice should detail the rights of the employee and should be sent at least 48 hours before the hearing.

What is google hangouts/meets?

Mediate Works uses google hangouts/meet as a video conferencing tool. The platform is free to use and our team will happily guide you through the process if you are having difficulties getting to grips with the platform. Please go to to learn more about hangouts/meets.

How fast does my internet connection have to be?

We recommend that each user has a minimum download and upload speed of 5 megabytes per second. Video conferencing is data intensive and it is recommended that an uncapped line be used. Please note the speed of the line will need to increase if more than one person uses that internet connection. The 5mb/s rule is recommended as per user calculation. If you have 4 people sharing the same internet connection, you would need a 20mb/s line.

What does Mediate Works do if we have a power cut or if a computer fails?

We advise that all parties keep a cellphone on hand in the event of a hardware failure or power cut. Our associates are adept at conducting a hearing via a telephone.

What is indexing and paginating?

Parties to a disciplinary hearing usually rely on documentary evidence in the hearing. These documents are usually referred to multiple times in the hearing. To make the hearing more efficient, it is advisable that the documents are numbered and indexed. This makes it easier for parties to refer to a document in the hearing. We call this indexing and paginating. We require that all documents that will be relied on during the hearing be indexed and paginated. Our team is on hand to assist parties with indexing and pagination.

How independent is Mediate Works?

Mediate Works is an independent company with a number of associates in various disciplines. Our group of associates is made up of advocates, attorneys, CCMA commissions, ex-unionists, employee relations experts, mediators, human resource consultants and the like. The company acts as an hub for these professionals. We maintain a distance between our clients and the associates. Our associates will disclose any prior relationships with a client before they accept a process.

How does Mediate Works ensure that the associates deliver a high level of service?

As a business we focus on quality rather than quantity. Our team has many years of experience in third party dispute resolution. We have strict controls on administration finance and each of our service offerings. Each report produced by an associate is quality checked by two legal professionals before it is released to a client. We regularly engage with clients to ascertain what was their experience with an associate.

How much does Mediate Works bill for its services?

Our rates vary depending on the experience of the associate, the complexity of the dispute and the time required to complete a process. Gold associates have less than 10 years of experience and platinum associates have more than ten years of experience. Each associate bills out on either a half day rate or daily rate. For simple matters we do bill out on an hourly rate. For the best value, we advise clients to enter into service level agreements with Mediate Works. By determining the needs of a clients we are able to offer our clients exceptional value. Call our office to get a customised rate.

Can Mediate Works manage the administration of my dispute?

Of course we can. For a small fee we can assist you with , indexing and paginating,service to clients, scanning, photocopying, video conference recording, meeting coordination, technical support, guidance on issuing a notice and scribing. Call us to get a quote.

What is Google Classroom?

Google Classroom is a free web service, developed by Google for e-learing. The primary purpose of Google Classroom is to streamline the learning process between teachers and students. Please go to to learn more.