Making The Best Use Of Your Time During Lockdown

What are you doing to remain productive during the lockdown?

South Africa, alongside several other countries, is implementing a lockdown to prevent the spread of COVID-19, which would compromise an already fragile healthcare system. However, the economy cannot afford to grind to a halt. Those employees that can should continue working, but remotely. This presents several challenges to the overall productivity of companies.

Tips For Employers 1. Daily check-in with employees via Skype/Google Hangouts/Zoom to delegate work and check up on work progress to create accountability. 2. Organising virtual workshops for employees training and skill development. 3. Working collaboratively using Google Drive as a platform to share and edit documents. 4. Offering psychological support for employees. 5. Creating an office calendar.

Tips For Employees 1. Create a dedicated work-space. 2. Create a list with things to do for the day and work consistently. 3. Communicate effectively with your employer and be available to him or her and your colleagues. 4. Work within contractually stipulated hours to avoid overworking. 5. Engage with your colleagues on a social level.