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There Has Been No Better Time To Redraft Your Company Policies

South Africa, and the world over, have seen a great evolution of the workplace in the last year. Covid-19 has completely transformed the traditional commercial landscape. No longer are employees required to go to the office and clock in at a certain time, businesses have cancelled rental leases and re-invested their finances into technology and other kinds of soft infrastructure - the world as we know it, has changed. How is your business staying ahead of the curve?

Although we are all hoping that the current circumstances do not last any longer, many countries have already entered into the third wave of the Covid-19 virus. South Africa sits in a difficult position following the recent news that the targeted number of people to be vaccinated will not be reached. This puts the country, and more particularly business owners, at risk of losing more revenue, retrenching more employees and working from home even longer.

There are a number of things that employers now have to consider; should there be new policies put into place for employees who work from home? What are the new terms of conduct for meetings, client engagements, sexual harassment and other forms of discri