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Young Mediators Group

The Young Mediators’ Group is an international organisation for people from all professions and walks of life who are new to, and have an interest in, mediation. The Young Mediators’ Group has recently set up an agency in South Africa.

Their aims and objectives are to:

  • Raise awareness of the purpose and the profile of mediation in South Africa, across all sectors;

  • Encourage and contribute to education, training and research into mediation;

  • Promote a greater understanding and use of mediation as an effective dispute resolution tool;

  • Create and encourage links with other groups and organisations with similar or complementary aims and objectives, in South Africa and further afield;

  • Represent young mediators and contribute to relevant research and consultation on their behalf; and

  • Understand public and professional conceptions about mediation and develop and influence them appropriately.

If you would like to receive updates, news of seminars and related event invites from the Young Mediators’ Group in South Africa, please send an email to with your name and surname in the subject line. Please visit our parent website to read more about our organisation.

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