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Ebrahim Patelia

MW || CEO & Co-Founding Director

Ebrahim is the founder of Mediate Works (PTY) Ltd and a director at Patelia Attorneys Inc. He has over 20 years experience in employment law and is a respected mediator and arbitrator. His experience in dispute resolution and law uniquely integrates the practice of law, dispute resolution and academic work. He has been involved in numerous high-profile legal matters at the Labour Court and has a number of reported judgments in the area of Collective Labour Law. He has mediated and arbitrated numerous disputes that span employment, commercial, family and socio-political issues. He has also facilitated complex multi-party disputes to achieve sustainable action plans and to restore the working relationship of parties. He holds professional associations with the CCMA as a part time senior commissioner, the University of Witwatersrand School of Law and the Mandela Institute (Wits) as a visiting senior lecturer, Conflict Dynamics as a lead facilitator and the law societies legal education services.

Ebrahim has successfully led and developed numerous training and coaching initiatives for thousands of individuals in numerous countries, through his own organisation and reputable organisations such as Wits University, the CCMA, Conflict Dynamics and the International Labour Organisation International Training Centre (ILOITC). He is able to train diverse audiences in both substantive law and skills development on topics such as negotiation skills, conflict management, mediator skills, mediation advocacy skills, arbitration skills, disciplinary and performance management and labour law.


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