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How do I become a mediator?

Updated: Apr 22, 2021

One of the most asked questions of people inspired by my talks, and I’m sure other people’s talks on mediation is – how do I become a mediator?

Perhaps this is an easy question to answer – and I will do my best to do so in this guide. However, a more critical question to ask is, whether you can consider mediation as a profession and whether you will make a living as a mediator?

Being inspired by the purpose and method of mediation is one thing that is guaranteed, the second thing that is equally guaranteed is that you will find a bucket load of service providers wanting to train you and accredit you as a mediator – but what is not guaranteed is making a career and, more importantly, a living from mediation. In fact, at present, it is more likely that you are guaranteed to become an inspired, believer, and competently trained mediator with good accreditations but with little or no work.

Tip 1: Plan your career path as a mediator

Mediation is more likely an ancillary skill or offering to what you currently doing. So don’t give up your job as a lawyer, priest, or psychologist. View mediation as something that you will endeavor to grow into a profession over time.