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The Hope Of A New Year

We start 2021 as we should, with hope. The positive desire of expected good is fundamental to the human existence. We have a lot to be worried about with the uncertainties of COVID-19; global-political posturing and financial destruction of the poorest of our communities. It is at the start of a new year where resolutions are often cast as coins flung into a wishing well. Now the flinging of a coin seems useless and, perhaps, the careless flinging of resolutions is pointless.

The power of our thoughts and emotions is immense – it is the master of our actions. Feeling hopeless is feeling powerless to act. Hope is, however, built with careful thought and planning -this expands the boundaries of our opportunities. On the other hand, our emotions are stubborn and resist any attempt to move too quickly to rational thought. Emotions must be acknowledged and given their space, to allow for clearer rational thinking. We need space to think and analyse our circumstances, strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities. This creates an opportunity for us to build a rational plan based on realistic goals. This self-reflective journey and rational planning create the opportunity to tamper our thoughts and emotions. It starts the journey of recovery. It need not be a complete or fail-safe plan. Good plans evolve by applying prudent analysis and having the flexibility to change and adapt where required.

Acting on our plans with our objective in mind allows for movement away from our current circumstances. Perhaps a critical driver of change is movement. To get any where we need to move, and we need to act. Even if we don’t get to the right place at first, it is only action and movement that allows us to move in a different path.

We need to surround ourselves on our journey of hope with people that can guide us and provide us with useful feedback. Feedback, if constructive, helps us to adapt faster, checks our thinking and allows us to consider options that we may not have thought about. At MW we enter the year with many goals, and we will achieve them because, we have hope.

Peace and Love

Ebrahim Patelia

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