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How much does a divorce mediation cost?

Mediation is a cost effective way of solving a range of disputes, however the fees of mediators can vary tremendously due to many factors. In this post, I will attempt to describe the different factors that influence the overall cost of a mediation.

When it comes to booking a mediator, you usually get what you pay for. Like with any service or product you are buying, it is important to use reputable brands and people with good references and the necessary qualifications. Mediators in South Africa are usually accredited under the DISAC standard but many other institutions offer mediation training.

The qualifications and experience of the mediator will typically determine the cost of the session. For instance, divorce mediators normally practice as attorneys, psychologists or counsellors in addition to being mediators. The amount of experience these professionals have, coupled with their experience as mediators will determine their fee. Nonetheless, some mediation practitioners practice solely as mediators and their lack of an undergraduate degree or secondary profession does not necessarily mean that they are any less of a mediator.